Thrive or Dye.

This is me and this is my small business.

I found Thrive when I found yoga. It was the typical story of new girl meets new city. Looking to try something different, I started taking yoga and meditation classes. In hindsight, yoga might not have been the best activity for trying to make new friends in a new city, but it did help me find a truer calling.

It all started with one meditation cushion. And then another. At the beginning they were all for friends, or friends of friends, but eventually a few months in, I got my first order online and the rest was history. I compiled countless prototypes to create my own sewing patterns that are continually evolving. Next thing I knew there was a whole product line, Thrive was born and I was in the throes of running a business from my kitchen table.

With each collection I like to experiment with different dye methods and product designs that continually push my technique and creativity in new directions. Hand dyeing the fabric for each order is a humbling process and reminds me of how much I've grown and how much more there is to learn. I'm not an expert, but I sure know a lot about tie dye.

Since the beginning, I've moved to a bigger city with a smaller studio, but the joy I find in my work continues to grow alongside Thrive.

Slowly but surely, I develop new collections from concept sketches, to dyeing, sewing and shipping the final products. When there's free time, I'm adventuring around Atlanta listening to live music and drinking lemon/honey tea, but most days when all the boxes are packed up and ready to ship, you'll find me sweeping the floors of my home studio.

Yours truly,


The Tie Dyer


For sneak peaks about new arrivals and trips inside the studio follow Thrive's life @thriveordye via Instagram or "like" on Facebook, www.facebook.com/ThriveGretchen

Photo Credit: Amanda Greene - http://www.amandagreene.com