Gretchen Wagner

Gretchen's work is fueled by her undeniable attraction to color. Multiple hues are used to make up the surface of each piece and are intended to create a dynamic undulation of color and value. Finding inspiration in the psychology of color, Gretchen explore intentionally saturated color combinations and their significance throughout her work.

Gretchen is a Connecticut native and SCAD Fibers graduate, now calling Georgia her home. She spent her years in school experimenting in the dye lab and perfecting the art of color mixing. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her border collie, Bandit, where she continues to develop and hone her skills through the constant evolution of her creative practice.


Thrive is a small indecent studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. Each piece is entirely constructed and dyed by hand to create truly unique and one of kind art works that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Only the highest quality pigments, papers and textiles are used in the finished pieces to insure overall quality and brilliance of color.